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Hard Rock


Address: 999 E. Street N.W.
Hard Rock (Washington)
D.C., 20004


If you think that our nation's capital is stuffy, guess again. For 10 years now we've been rockin' the scene in the city on the Potomac. After a tiring day of tramping through memorials and museums, stop in and see us for energizing drinks and superb food. F.B.I. Headquarters is just across the street, and if J. Edgar Hoover were still alive, he'd be more than welcome here, whether he was wearing one of his glittering evening dresses or a mundane house-frock. We think he'd approve of the huge main bar shaped like a Fender guitar and the stained glass windows honoring such rock 'n' roll greats as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis. Come to think of it, maybe he wouldn't. Hard Rock Cafe Washington, D.C. is your oasis of insanity in the world of political infighting. A favorite of lobbyists and bagmen alike, be sure to make time for a visit. We don't care which political party you belong to, 'cause the real party is here.

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